Guest: female, Pakistani

Story from Karen Anstiss, Service Manager, Caritas Bakhita House

Guest sought a job in Pakistan as a domestic worker to support her son and her mother. She worked for her employer in Pakistan for 1.5 years. She was told that she owed the costs of her flight and visa and so could not leave. She lived in employer’s house and was employed as a nanny but was made to do domestic work. She believes that her employer discriminated against her as a Christian and felt that for the same reason she couldn’t go to the authorities.

Guest lived in her employer’s house. She had no day off and she describes her work as being on duty 24 hours as she looked after a baby who she was expected to also sleep with – the baby was 1 yr. 9 months when she left. She has explained she was not allowed out of the house. She had no friends. Her employer kept her passport from her. Guest has explained she did not have enough to eat but was not allowed out to buy things. She has said she was paid USD 325/ month. Guest has explained she then had to accompany her employer to the UK on holiday. She finally managed to escape whilst here and seek help. She wanted to earn money to send home so she could support her family.