Guest: female, Indian

Story from Karen Anstiss, Service Manager, Caritas Bakhita House

Guest claimed that she obtained employment through an agency abroad to work as a cleaner / child-minder with a family in Qatar. During her employment, she states that she did not receive a proper salary and told her employer that she wanted to go back to India. Apparently, they refused and prevented her from leaving and even threatened her with her life. She then allegedly attempted suicide by taking medication. After being treated in hospital, she was returned to live with the family.

Shortly after, the family took her with them to London. Guest states that they arrived to London in 2013. She states that the employer raped her soon after arriving. She said that she told his wife what had happened and slept in the bathtub for two nights as the bathroom door was lockable. After three days in the home, a workman came into the house, and she used this opportunity to escape through the front door. She then came across an Indian family and asked for help. She believed she was coming to earn money to support her children.