It began with stories. God created human beings because God loves stories. God, the story-teller – the creator of cultures and people, weaver of stories will not have it any other way. The bible is a book of stories of humankind and their encounters with the Divine. Story or narrative, therefore, is not a choice we make when it comes time to exploring God-talk or ‘truth’. It is the way we encounter God: not in crisp propositions, but in the messy, sticky, juicy and complex tales of encounters between people and people, between people and creation, between people and God[s]. And our stories ( those we share and those we live out) are a community activity: nurturing relationships, making us vulnerable, challenging dominant voices, exploitative practices, breaking down barriers, enabling us to recognize our the commonality as people created in the image of likeness of God.

The stories found here in this collection are stories of exploitation and yet of hopefulness as people overcome. These are human stories of weakness and vulnerability and yet of inspiration as we are challenged to make a difference.